Our Present
The Future

Here customers have access to certificates and aditional information on their orders.

In the last three decades our business have gone trhought lots of changes. And had to face many economic crisis in our country and the world (Tequila and Asian crisis) and major shifts in the industry. The leather market was being deeply transformed and businesses had to adapt to prevail. China and Hong Kong broke in the world leather market with new demands and requirements.

By the year 2000 several customers from Hong Kong, UK, and Canadá failed to pay forcing the company to file a creditors agreement. Production halted, but with the invaluable support of many of our long lasting customers and suppliers the company could keep producing.

Today, the company keeps fulfilling the agreement terms, hired back most of the workers it had before the year 2000 and returned both to local and international markets with the same quality that made Gibaut Hermanos Manuf. de Cueros S.A. (or the "G Brand" for our asian customers) a name in the tanning industry worldwide.

We are now producing more than 1000 hides per day. Providing our customers in Argentina and all over the world with prime quality finished leathers, and developing together and fulfilling their request for new articles.

If you still wonder why this more than centenary tradition keeps leaving a mark in the industry, we can assure that most probably you already had used one of our leathers, eventhough you might not know it. Many different prestigious global brands have used our lethers to manufacture their products, and we are proud of have been chosen by them througout our history.