Our Present
The Future

Here customers have access to certificates and aditional information on their orders.

Talking about the future is always filled with desires, expectations, challenges and goals.

We desire to keep making the finest quality leathers as we have been doing for so long. We expect to work shoulder to shoulder with our customers and suppliers to develop even better products each time.

Among the goals still ahead are increasing our production, and at the same time reduce water and chemical consumption. Continue with the recycling programs already underway, and start new ones, as the research we are working this days to transform greasy waste from the process into biodiesel for the boilers. This way we could cut fuel consumption by almost 50%.

We canĀ“t surely know what challenges are awating us up the road, but we can be sure that all the people from Gibaut Hnos S.A. will join skills and forces to find the proper solutions, come what may.